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    Space Planning Interior Design

    Space Planning Interior Design

    Hello !

    So here I am writing my first Blog on my own website for my own company ! (You can’t see it but my face is bursting with excitement!)

    I must admit it feels pretty great to be able to write what you want in the style which suits your own personality, I guess I never did really enjoy being told what to do…. I definitely prefer to be in the drivers seat. I suppose thats one of the main reasons people take the leap of faith and start up on their own in the first place isn’t it?

    Who’s Anima & Amare ?

    As I’m the new kid on the block, you might be wondering what is ‘Anima and Amare’ and what does it mean? Well if my own family and friends are anything to go by, I’m guessing 80% of you are probably pronouncing it wrong whilst even reading this blog. I am now fully prepared that this is going to become somewhat of a comedy sketch with various prenounciations flying about for as long as the company lives (hopefully a long time ) but hey, who said the road to success was ever easy?

    So back to business Anima & Amare is latin for ‘Love & Soul’ and why did I choose it ? because ‘Meraki’ was already taken GOD DAMN IT !!

    Meraki [may-rah-kee] (adjective)

    This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into every piece of your work.

    It described me and my work ethic down to a ‘T’ but it obviously also described a number of other creative people and their companies. Wanting to be creative and original I begrudgingly let go of the idea I had for so long and came up with another name which represented me, my ethos and my personality and thats where ‘Anima & Amare’ was born, putting Love & Soul in to all of my work!!  And I must say thank you to all you ‘Meraki’

    people as ‘Anima & Amare’ turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

    What do I do ?

    Interior Architectural Design - Concept Design

    Interior Architectural Design – Concept Design

    After 5 wonderful years working for some pretty great companies as an Interior Architectural designer on large scale Residential and Hospitality projects and generally believing I had learned everything I know from the best of the best, I decided to ‘go it alone’ as such, offering full Interior Architectural design, space planning aswell as the Interior decoration and online Interior design services.


    Through my journey within this very fast paced and sometimes intense industry I formed a big Love for the decor side of interiors .

    I always found myself drawn to colour , normally the brighter and more garish the better!  My tastes developed in to the more unusual prints , fabrics and accessories and I was struggling to find items that appealed to me on the high street.


    Sunset Blur

    Sunset Blur Digital Print

    Don’t get me wrong there are some incredible designs out on the high street at the moment but I always find myself looking for pieces which are not widely available.

    Sourcing pieces which are bold, beautiful and unique and supporting the lovely small business designers who make them really appeals to me.

    As a designer, you normally find yourself putting together schemes which sometimes have not yet hit the high street. In one way you are helping to create the trends, on the other hand the schemes you create can make it difficult to find accessories to complete your project easily (notice I said easily and not at all!) It requires hours of product searching to find the weird and the wonderful products and designers out there which are not easily accessible because they are not sitting on the top of your average high street shelf.

    This is what encouraged me to open my own online shop showcasing unique and bold pieces by designers who you do not normally see on the high street.

    I hope in time, this will encourage people to be daring with their designs and stand out from the crowd, with a little push in the right direction from ‘Anima & Amare’.

    Metallic Gold chevron cowhide rug

    Metallic Gold chevron cowhide rug


    Stay in touch.

    So that is a bit about me and my company I do hope i was able to portray what it was Anima & Amare does. My hope is to be able to post regular updates on topics such as Interiors , Architecture, trends and pretty much anything design related that interests me and hopefully will interest you!

    So keep popping back to my website or follow my Instagram page in order to hear about my journey, new project updates and new blog posts first.

    If my blog was lucky enough to reach any of you talented designers out there and would be interested in collaborating and selling your stunning work on my website please do contact me , I am always looking for new inspiration not just for my online shop but also for my current and up coming projects.













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