Elk stag print cushion
Watercolour Elk Print Suede Cushion 45x45cm
November 4, 2016
Tiger print cushion with bowler hat
‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Tiger Print Suede Cushion
November 4, 2016
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Copper and stone hexagonal cushion
Copper and stone hexagonal cushion
Copper & Stone Hexagonal print cushion

Copper & Stone Hexagonal print cushion


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A stylish and modern cushion cover featuring shades of white with copper outlines. The neutral colours ensures this cover will effortlessly blend in with your existing home decor style. Designed by Elisabeth Fredriksson, ‘White Stone & Copper’.

For maximum comfort, the cushion cover is made using a density weight of 220gsm (grams per square meter) which adds to the durability and softness of the cover.

Cushion cover features:
– Size: 45x45cm (18inches)
– Artwork printed on front and back
– Colour guarantee: Will not fade or rub off
– 100% Polyester
– 220gsm
– Designed with a hidden zip
– Machine washable at 30°C.

This plush vegan suede cushion will bring a colourful and decorative feel to your living area. The artwork is displayed on the back and front of the cushion cover, so it will look stunning from any position.

The optional Microfibre Cushion pad insert is extremely soft, tactile and an excellent alternative to feather cushion inserts. These cushion pads can be easily washed at home and being hypoallergenic in nature are recommended for the people who suffer from dust and allergies. Excellent in quality and with a class of its own these microfibre cushion pads are very popular and are used in most high end hotels.

Vegan Suede feels and looks exactly like ‘real’ suede, but is made using polyester microfiber instead of animal leather. Therefore no animals are harmed or endangered in making this beautiful cushion cover!

The delicate, furry material provides a soft touch which is easy to maintain and care for. The artwork is delicately printed using high quality digital inks to ensure it will not fade over time.

Combine this cushion cover with a range of our other designs to complete your home decor.


Why buy this cushion cover?

For each and every cushion cover sold, a proportion of the sale goes directly to the creator of the artwork. We feel this helps to support and foster artistic creativity around the globe.

The cushion cover is made using 100% animal cruelty-free material. Create&Case are extremely proud of this and will continue to support animal cruelty free products

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