5 Of The Most Sexy Bathroom Ranges On The Market Right Now

Whether you’re thinking about updating your cloakroom toilet or a complete makeover of the family bathroom knowing where to start can be a minefield. Here at Anima & Amare, we are always keeping up to date on new products making sure we are ahead of the game and always producing unique and individual residential designs as well as commercial and hospitality designs.

We understand life gets in the way, whether that’s a busy day at work or just completing that new Netflix series, so finding the time to do your own research for the interior design of your home can be daunting. Thankfully we have done the hard work for you and sourced some of the hottest items in bathroom brassware and sanitaryware on the market right now.

Codis Bath Range

1. Codis Bath

Up first on our sexy bathroom products list is Codis Bath. To be honest it was hard to choose just one from the Codis bath range, their new C Range for 2020 is striking and bold with a unique combination of traditional and contemporary design which would suit any refurbishment. 

One in which I kept going back to was the C2 range with a beautiful slimline metal frame and minimalism look is enough to make any head turn. 

It comes with the opportunity of two options, a wood base or metal base as well as a framed door for a more traditional feel. On top of that the bathroom unit’s metal frame comes in a range of different metallics. Gold, Copper, chrome and nickel as well as good old matte black.

With many size options and ways to custom the unit to suit you and your project you are bound to find the perfect piece of bathroom furniture to make that wow factor appeal in your bathroom refurbishment.

2. Hansgrohe Axor Edge

Now every great basin unit needs an equally beautiful if not more stunning tap and my gosh have Hansgrohe delivered on this via their Axor Edge range. Now if I was to tell you I’m about to show you the most sexiest thing ever in your life, I bet you a million pounds you would never have guessed id present to you a bathroom tap!

This tap from the Edge range comes in 3 different colours brushed gold, nickel and chrome. The thing that makes this tap so unique is the refined hammered textured. Cut and polished rectangular prisms using diamond-tipped tooling from aerospace industry. 

Hansgrohe describe it as ‘The jewel, a sculpture, a functioning piece of Art’… And I couldn’t agree with a statement more.


3. Crosswater

Third on my list comes from the brilliant Crosswater, this brand specialise in all forms of sanitaryware from taps, shower screens, baths and wc’s, but in particular I am drawn to their shower heads and accessories.

The MPRO Industrial Easy Clean Shower Head 8 comes in 3 finishes – Chrome, Brushed Brass and Carbon Black.

What stands out about this shower head and accessories is its extra detail with the bevelled edges, it’s not just your basic square head that you see day in day out.

The Brushed Brass finishes are designed and manufactured to change colour over time due to oxidizing, giving you a unique textured finish that constantly changes over time.

4. Inbani Design

Next on my list comes from Inbani Design. In my opinion the most beautiful unique innovative bathroom suppliers of stone, ceramic and marble sanitaryware.

So who said a sink needs to be white and oval shaped? well not Inbani that’s for sure. From floor standing to table top vase shaped basins in a variety of materials and colours. you’ll never think about buying a basic basin again. 

The Origin range from Inbani, will make you think twice about heading down to your local bathroom store. Now you’ve seen these, choosing a basin for your interior design will never be the same again.

5. Drench Bathrooms

And last but no means least, I’ve moved on to Shower screens. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘oh wow, great, what can be interesting about a sheet of glass that keeps you from flooding your bathroom?’.

Well just when you thought you’d seen every boring shower screen on the market, Drench pulled out a stunner and here it is. This black crittal screen comes in a variety of sizes as well as a different number of pane sections. 

This stunner changes your shower screen from a practical necessity that blends in, to a practical necessity that now stands out! You can even choose the glass type the bespoke elements and accessories seem limitless.

You spend so much time choosing the right basin, bath brassware toilet etc, why shouldn’t the shower screen have the same level of love? 

In all honesty, every item on the Drench Showers website is stunning and if you are after some great bathroom porn (don’t google that guys it was an analogy), head over to their Instagram account because it is full of bathroom goodness.

So there we have it, some of the most sexy bathroom products on the market right now. When considering your bathroom renovation make sure you think outside the box, trying to choose items that may not necessarily ‘blend in’.

Your home is your personality so make it stand out and if all else fails and your still stuck employ an Interior Designer, you are not only employing them for their design skills but for their wealth of product and suppliers knowledge, as well as project planning and management.

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